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History of Medsilk LTD

Established in 2018, Medsilk LTD is committed to revolutionizing medical distribution services, catering to the diverse needs of our clientele while advancing the healthcare industry as a whole. With a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction, we prioritize your interests and preferences, ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way.


At Medsilk LTD, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled professionalism and expertise in medical supply chain management. Our extensive network within the medical community grants us unique insights and resources, empowering us to meet and exceed your expectations consistently.


As a global leader in medical distribution, we collaborate with a multitude of esteemed hospitals worldwide, continually expanding our partnerships to better serve our clients. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to enhance our product offerings continually, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery of essential medical supplies to healthcare facilities worldwide.


Partner with Medsilk LTD today and experience the difference in medical distribution – where quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our Basement

Medsilk.io is Global Project

Our company is registered in the United Kingdom. Our head office is in London and we also have a second office in Europe in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


Registered office address: 26/28 Bedford Row, WC1R 4LP, London, United Kingdom

Operating office address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes , 322 , 08004 Barcelona , Spain



Company number 15331862

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Social followers

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Happy Clients




Client Satisfaction


Client Satisfaction

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Company Size

Greetings from Medsilk.io family!

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Embracing Our Core Values

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

At Medsilk, our mission revolves around elevating the success of our partners. We are driven by a relentless commitment to our customers' prosperity. Every decision we make and every action we take is guided by the singular goal of enhancing our customers' experience and bolstering their growth.

Embrace Honesty and Authenticity

Honesty, transparency, and unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of our ethos. We foster an environment of openness and integrity, free from hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior. Our commitment to truth and authenticity permeates every aspect of our interactions, ensuring trust and reliability in all our endeavors.

Create Impact Daily

Our dedication to driving positive outcomes is unwavering. Each day presents an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of our customers. With fervor and enthusiasm, we deliver innovative solutions that empower our partners to thrive in their endeavors, propelling them toward success and growth.

Expand Your Horizons

To pioneer the future of medical distribution on a global scale, we embrace boundless vision, unwavering determination, and impeccable execution. Complacency has no place in our journey. We constantly challenge the status quo, pushing the boundaries of possibility to better fulfill the evolving needs of our customers.

Choosing the Right Path

Integrity is the bedrock upon which our actions are built. Our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency earns us the respect and admiration of our peers and partners alike. Every decision we make is guided by unwavering principles, ensuring ethical conduct and accountability in all our endeavors.

Creating a Path to Success

Within Medsilk, diversity is celebrated, and inclusivity is embraced. We cultivate a culture of genuine connections, rooted in transparency, integrity, and mutual respect. Our inclusive environment fosters collaboration and innovation, laying the foundation for collective success and growth.

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